And we thought this would be easy...

Back in 2007, when we got married, we thought we had it down. We'd bought a house, kept our jobs long enough to call them careers, and were managing to raise a kid without people staring at him in WalMart....

Then, life happened. And we discovered God has a sense of humor. While it took us bit to laugh along, we find things are easier nowadays if we just go with it. Things are about to get funnier, thanks to our brilliant idea of pooling our genes and gifting the world a mini version of our well honed insanity. We're going to chronicle this so there's proof if ever we need it. Want to come along?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

His Chair and Her Hair

He has a designated Chair in the living room. How do you know which one? Look for the stains all over that I desperately try to cover with a strategically placed blanket when guests visit. Or, you could also just look for the one holding the snoring hairy man.

And then there's The Hair. Poor kiddo- she looks like Carrot Top when Daddy tries to dry it after a bath.

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